[General Terms & Conditions of Electronic Financial Transactions]

Article 1(Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to set out basic matters concerning electronic financial transaction between Isaac land Korea Co., Ltd (¡°we,¡± ¡°us,¡± ¡°our¡±) and users in their use of Electronic Payment Settlement Agency Service provided by us.

Article 2(Definitions)

As used herein, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below.

¨ç     ¡°Electronic financial transaction¡± refers to a transaction in which we provide electronic device-based Electronic Payment Settlement Agency Service (¡°electronic financial transaction service¡±) and customers use it in an automated manner without a face-to-face encounter/communication with our employees.

¨è     ¡°Electronic Payment Settlement Agency Service¡± refers to a service for arrangement of electronic transmission or reception of payment information or arrangement of electronic price payment or serving as a medium for it on behalf of users concerning their purchase of goods or services.

¨é     ¡°Users¡± refer to people using our electronic financial transaction services by consenting to these Terms and Conditions.

¨ê     ¡°Access medium¡± refers to a means or information used to ensure veracity and accuracy of users and transaction content or give relevant instructions in an electronic financial transaction. It refers to passwords and the like needed to use the following means or information stipulated in the Electronic Financial Transaction Act, Article 2 (10): electronic card and corresponding electronic information (including credit card numbers), a certificate stipulated in the Digital Signature Act, users¡¯ ID numbers registered with us, and users¡¯ biodata.

¨ë     ¡°Instruction on transaction¡± refers to a user¡¯s instruction given to us for handling an electronic financial transaction under a contract signed in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

¨ì     ¡°Error¡± refers to an electronic financial transaction failing to be executed as stated in a relevant contract or the user¡¯s instruction on transaction without a reason attributable to the user.

Article 3(Distribution of Terms and Conditions; Change in Terms and Conditions)

¨ç     We make it a rule to put up a notice of these Terms and Conditions before users¡¯ use of our electronic financial transaction service so that they may check the important contents of these Terms and Conditions.

¨è     We distribute an electronic copy of these Terms and Conditions to users upon their request.

¨é     In the event of a change in these Terms and Conditions, we put up a notice about it on the initial screen of the electronic financial transaction service and our homepage at least one month in advance of the change taking effect.

Article 4(Electronic Payment Settlement Agency Service)

Our Electronic Payment Settlement Agency Service is as follows:

¨ç     Credit card payment agency service: This refers to a service in which we transmit or receive credit card-based payment information through an electronic payment system and pay the purchase price or serve as a medium for it on behalf of users, where the payment means chosen by a user is a credit card.

Article 5(Service Hours)

¨ç     We provide a 24/7electronic financial transaction service all year round unless a particular situation occurs to the relevant financial institution or payment means issuing business.

¨è     We may stop the service temporarily as required to repair or check our information/communications facility or where there is an inevitable situation at the relevant financial institution or payment means issuing business. In such a case, we put up an electronic notice at least 3 (three) days in advance. Where inevitable due to a need to troubleshoot a system problem, readjust programs or repair problems caused by outside factors, we may stop the service without a prior notice.

Article 6(Selection, Use, and Management of Access Medium)

¨ç     As regards to our electronic financial transaction service, we may select the access medium and ascertain users¡¯ identity and rights and the content of their instructions on transactions.

¨è     Users shall not lease their access medium to a third party, entrust its use to a third party, or transfer it to a third party or offer it for a collateral purpose.

¨é     Users shall not disclose information on their access medium to a third party or leave their access medium unattended. Users shall pay attention to their access medium to prevent unauthorized access to or forgery or manipulation of their access medium.

¨ê     Where we are informed of the theft or loss of users¡¯ access medium, we are responsible for the loss incurred by users due to a third party¡¯s unauthorized use of the access medium.

Article 7(Ascertainment of Transaction Content)

¨ç     We inform users of Service-related transaction contents (including users¡¯ request for correction of errors and result of the steps taken for such a request) through an electronic method agreed to with users. Upon their request, we provide users with a document regarding the transaction content via fax or the like within 2 (two) weeks of the request.

¨è     Transaction contents that we can provide users is as follows: Name and number of transaction account, transaction type/amount, information on the other party of the transaction, transaction date, electronic device used, records about connection with the electronic device associated with the relevant electronic financial transaction (in the past 5 years); records about electronic financial transactions whose per-case amount comes to 10,000 won or less, records about approval of transactions, and the result of our handling users¡¯ request for correction of errors (in the past year). We do not provide information on fees received by us in return for the provision of the Service.

¨é     Users may make their request for a document stated in the foregoing ¨ç through the following address and telephone number.

Address: ILK, 101-1604, Mapodaero 109, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Email: ilkpg@ilkr.com

Phone: +82-02-790-3283

Fax: +82-70-4754-8673

Article 8(Correction of Errors)

¨ç    Users may ask us to correct errors that have occurred in the course of using the electronic financial transaction service.

¨è    Where a user asks for our correction of errors stated in the foregoing ¨ç, we check it and inform the user of the result of our check within 2 (two) weeks of the request.

Article 9(Our Responsibilities)

¨ç    We are responsible for the loss incurred by users due to an incident caused by forgery or manipulation of access medium. However, where a user is in violation of Article 6 ¨è hereof or leaves his/her access medium unattended, regardless of if he/she knows or comes to know that a third party may use the access medium without authorization to engage in an electronic financial transaction, the user may be made to bear the responsibility partially or wholly.

¨è    We are responsible for loss incurred by a user due to an incident occurring in the course of signing this Contract or transmitting or handling instructions on transaction electronically. The foregoing sentence shall not apply where the proviso of the foregoing ¨ç is the case or the said loss is incurred by a user which is a corporation [except for a small-sized business stated in the Framework Act on Small and Medium Enterprises, Article 2 (2)] and we have established/observed a security procedure to prevent an incident and fulfilled our obligation to exercise due diligence.

¨é    Where we (or a financial institution or a payment means issuing business or a mail order business) have/has informed a user of the inability to handle or having to take time in handling his/her instruction on transaction due to a force majeure situation not attributable to us such as a power failure, fire or problem in communications, we shall not be responsible for such inability or taking the needed time.

¨ê    We are responsible for loss incurred by a user due to an incident that has occurred through mass media obtained dishonestly through intrusion into an electronic device for an electronic financial transaction or an information/communications network stated in the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., Article 2 (1) 1.

Article 10(Effect of Electronic Payment Contract)

¨ç     As regards to users¡¯ instruction on an electronic payment-related transaction, we follow the payment procedure vicariously and make arrangements for an electronic payment transaction by transmitting the instruction.

¨è     Where payment has not been made per users¡¯ instruction on electronic payment, we shall return the money paid by users to them.

Article 11(Withdrawal of Instruction on Transaction)

¨ç     Users may withdraw their instructions on transactions involving electronic payment until the effectuation of payment.

¨è     ¡°Effectuation of payment¡± stated in the foregoing ¨ç refers to (i) the deposit of the amount associated with instruction on transaction into the account ledger of the financial institution where the receiver¡¯s account is kept in the case of electronic fund transferor (ii) the input of the amount associated with instruction on transaction into the electronic device of the financial institution where the receiver¡¯s account is kept in the case of payment by an electronic payment means.

¨é     Where the effect of payment has occurred, users may have their payment returned through subscription withdrawal under a relevant law such as the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc. or under these Terms and Conditions.

Article 12(Creation and Preservation of Records of Using Electronic Payment Agency Service)

¨ç     We create and preserve records that can be used by users to trace or retrieve the contents of electronic financial transactions and ascertain or correct errors.

¨è     Types of records and preservation methods stated in the foregoing ¨ç shall follow what is stated in Article 7 (2).

Article 13(No Disclosure of Information on Electronic Financial Transactions to Third Party)

We do not disclose information such as users¡¯ personal bank account information or content of access medium and electronic financial transactions that we come to obtain in the course of providing the electronic financial transaction service to a third party without obtaining users¡¯ consent or use it for a purpose other than what is stipulated in these Terms and Conditions.

Article 14(Complaint/Arbitration)

¨ç     Users may file a complaint to us or ask for our compensation of loss incurred by them concerning their use of our electronic financial transaction service through the following person in charge.
Person in Charge: ILK Customer Support
Contact number/email
: +82-02-790-3283, ilkpg@ilkr.com

¨è    As for users¡¯ complaints, we inform them of the result of our handling and investigation within 15 (fifteen) days of the submittal of complaint.

¨é    Users may ask for arbitration concerning the use of our electronic financial transaction of the following institutions: the Financial Dispute Arbitration Committee of the Finance Supervisory Service under the Act on the Establishment, etc. of Financial Supervisory Organizations, Article 51; the Korea Consumer Agency under the Consumer Protection Act, Article 31 (1)

Article 15(Our Obligation to Secure Stability)

We observe criteria set by the Financial Supervisory Commission concerning information technology and the electronic financial business including human resources, facilities, and electronic devices for handling electronic transmissions to secure stability and reliability of electronic financial transactions for all types of transactions.

Article 17(Others)

¨ç     Matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions shall follow laws pertaining to consumer protection including the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc., the Act on Mail Order, the Specialized Credit Financial Business Act, etc.

¨è     Disputes occurring between us and users shall be settled under the Civil Procedure Act.


This terms and conditions shall be implemented on May 26, 2020.